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[15 Aug 2005 | 04:37pm | oh wait, its only been a year..]
one year later...

i miss this. maybe not enough to make a grand comeback suitable for the masses, but if we can keep this between, say, you me and the cute boy who keeps messaging me on myspace, we might just be on to somethin'..

(and by the way, i still haven't gotten that free ipod yet)
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[16 Oct 2004 | 05:12pm | my brother got his and now im jealous.]
i honestly only need 2 more people to sign up (edit: and successfully complete something!) before i get my free ipod. omg.

help a girl out.

no, seriously. do the free blockbuster trial. i'll send you nudie pics.
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[20 Sep 2004 | 06:00pm]
so everything i've been writing lately has been friends-only (livejournal-style), because... well, because it has to be. it's been a waytooeventful past few months to relive detail by detail, and i wouldn't have said this 2 months ago, but i think the good just may end up outweighing the bad when all is said and done (if i get my way...). i owe this all to a select few. so, thank you:

  • tony for the love and dunkin donuts.
  • mike for the same. and more.
  • mary for not letting me skinny dip with the wrong people more than once.
  • cisco for giving me a reason to hope and a person to practice my technique on.
  • courtney for being the long lost twin i always knew i had.
  • chris for giving me a second home before i ever even knew i wanted one.
  • howie for all the phone calls at 3am (sent: 38, received: 42).
  • nick for keeping colorado warm while it waits for me.
  • everyone who let me sleep in their bed (or car, or arms).
  • everyone who put their mouth on mine and meant it.
  • everyone who made me laugh til i cried. or fought back.
  • everyone who made me smile even when i didn't want to.

    that said, the summer is now over because i turned on the heat in my car last night. BUT! my birthday is in a few days, my halloween costume is in the mail, and the cramps (the cramps!) are next month. so, here we go again. who's sticking around for round two?
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    [02 Jun 2004 | 12:15pm]
    oh thank goodness! i thought i had lost my touch.

    no, but seriously. such flattery... it brings a tear to my eye. and a stiffness to my middle finger.
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    [17 May 2004 | 08:19pm]
    somehow i found myself in boston doing bodyshots with the same person i had officially kissed goodbye just a week earlier. i thought he was out of my life for good (two months!)... but when you suddenly find yourself armed with a few days off from work and a full tank of gas, it's so easy to check out of reality and in to the seaport hotel ('cause hello? have you seen this place??)

    we spent the night causing trouble with the best of 'em.. and walking over the charles river bridge at midnight officially became a tradition.. but the best part of the night was getting to swagger back to our hotel room. our. hotel. room. what? i've watched the sun rise over boston from the windows of youth hostels, attic apartments, and even the Y, but never anywhere with.. carpeting. owow!

    oversized bath towels and individualized climate control aside, we kept things as rocknroll as possible by stumbling in WAY past curfew (the seaport lobby is no boomtown at 3am), raiding the mini bar, and destroying everything in our path - furniture included. eventually the better-than-silk sheets beckoned us, and we made the pilgrimage to bed. hardcore snuggle action? check. oh the life of a rockstar.

    ya know how saying goodbye is never easy the first time around? well, the second time... fuhgetaboutit. holy effing hell. holy effing sadness. holy effing hole in my favorite shirt (how'd THAT happen?). it's now up to the rest of you jersey kids to make this summer as chill as last summer (car club boys with sweet, sweet rides.. this means you). i have no plans for the next 2 months. anyone up for a road trip?
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    [28 Mar 2004 | 07:13pm | your cellphone and i collide]
    i can sum up my entire weekend with 6 short words (and 1 mugshot): "that was probably wrong of me."

    don't worry howie, you're still one of my two favorite boys (but just.. next time, you can't use my cell phone, ok?).
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    [22 Mar 2004 | 08:59pm]
    and so begins a new "it's not warm enough to play outside yet" tradition: monday night nintendo. we have beer, skate or die II, and two (oh yeah, TWO!) controllers. i hereby declare that nights like this should last forever (or at least until frozen margarita season).
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    [19 Mar 2004 | 12:03am | long overdue]
    valentine's day weekend. to those who were paying attention, i was totally right. secrets ain't got nuthin' on me. and i know i promised you details, but (here comes the letdown) the best i can offer at this point is an obscure and cleverly worded 'thank you' to my two favorite boys, mike and howie. i owe you both a lifetime of overly fulfilled rockstar fantasies and romantic-comedy-esque getaways. so it turns out that 3 really IS a crowd. who knew??

    ps. if you've never seen the movie 'prophecy' it's deserving of the top spot in your netflix queue based on one death scene that i've deemed 'the sleeping bag bitchslap.' trust me. when have i ever let you down? (see: above paragraph)
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    [03 Feb 2004 | 03:04pm]
    here's what i just did: i copied and pasted the same journal entry into my LJ no less than 11 times because it wasn't showing up in my journal after i "successfully" posted it each time. i even tested it on my other computer (cache problem maybe?) and still nothing.

    here's why i am stupid: the date on my computer was somehow (oops) set to 2/3/02, so the entries (which i, coincidentally, backdated) WERE showing up... i just had to rewind 2 years back to find them.

    and here's why i reign supreme in the land of the dumb: when i tried to reset the date back to this year, i couldn't remember if it was 03 or 04. "no way, it can't be 04 already, can it?? ... oh it is? oh right." duh.

    no more messing with my computer date so as to trick the virus-scan liveupdater into thinking that it's still 2002 and that my free subscription is still valid. and if i DO happen to change the date again (for whatever non-cheating and perfectly legal reason), i have to remember to change it back when i'm done. and consult a calendar before i do so.

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    [03 Feb 2004 | 02:56pm]
    dear superbowl sunday,
    let me lay it down for you. i know you're all about squishing an awkward mix of friends, coworkers, and "whos that"s into a tiny room with no ventilation or visible social structure... but that's what back porches and smoke breaks are for. and i know you love teasing us with mystery "party" foods without forewarning us that oh by the way those chips are the new "FIRE IN YO' MOUTH, SUCKER" flavor... but that's what ice cubes (and ice pops, and ice water) are for. so why... WHY must you insist on throwing alcohol into the already jumpin' mix? didn't you get this party started ENOUGH (yo) withOUT having to invite Bazooka Joe and his best buddy Public Nudity (ps - not the good kind) along? now that's just being malicious, and you know it.


    [13 Jan 2004 | 05:34pm | private or not]
    my drunken mind last night (details coming soon) did me totally wrong and started remembering things i had wanted to forget. i tried so hard to disconnect myself from every last unresolved issue i had with you, but as we drove past ruby tuesday's, all i could think about was the first time we ate there and how girlishly giddy i felt about how perfectly we meshed. remember all those expectations? remember how many heads we turned?

    when i got home last night, i checked my site stats hoping that i'd see your cleverishly named IP address somewhere amongst the recent visitors. i thought that maybe you were remembering things too, and were checking up on me via the only means you're able allowed to. i didn't see you there, but so what, right? that doesn't mean that you've forgotten, right?

    my sober mind this morning did me wrong once again and started thinking about how stupid it was to believe you still come here. instead, i'm [more realistically] hoping that you still remember my name just in case we ever bump into each other again. if i spot you across the bar somewhere and give you "that look" that you loved will you smile and come say hello? or will you sit still and stare at me the way you did that last night when your girlfriend was telling you to let go (of more then just my hand)?
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    [11 Jan 2004 | 05:45pm]
    i'm gonna do my hair, my nails, and my laundry, and when i'm done you're gonna WISH you were me. why? 'cause at that point i'll be <--THIS--> much closer to a night of dive bar fun. outdated (thankgod) jukeboxes, budget-friendly beer, free pool, and enough neon to ALMOST make me think i'm at some snobby hipster lounge. the only catch: instead of dirty martinis, the bartender will be servin' up dirty pitchers. and instead of swapping swizzle sticks (i'll trade you 2 pink flamingos for a monkey in a fez), we'll be fighting over the last plastic cup. you just can't experience that kind of bonding at the local college hangout. no way.

    wait... no martinis? no colorful "ooh that looks pretty" drink menus?? i cry for my loss! oh who am i kidding. after a few hours it all tastes the same anyway. and besides, how could you NOT get excited over the endless possibilities of "bottomless beer pitcher" night? spending a couple of hours in close quarters with that much boozin' drowning our systems is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. the great tasting, "breakin' all the rules but not the law" kind of disaster, of course.
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    [01 Jan 2004 | 03:49pm | nothing changes - '04 styleeee]
    all i really wanted to do last night was lounge around in something comfy while sipping something yummy. nerd city, new years eve style, yanno? but being the super-trooper girlfriend that i am, i got all gussied up (in clothes) and made the 27384729 hour treck out to brooklyn, all in the name of good friends and free booze. it all worked out for the best, tho, 'cause he got to reconnect with some long lost buddies, and i got to re-connect with my non-existent irish heritage. the night ended, as it should, with me smearing my lipstick all over his face. oh yah, and i threw in a couple of sloppy kisses for good measure, too...

    the highlight of the whole thing, however, was waking up this morning and realizing that for the first time in html-recorded history, i wasn't "that girl" who fell down the stairs and landed on her face while trying to make a glamorous exit. OH HELL YEAH. score one for crashing at the party rather than crashing down the front steps.

    boom swagger BOOM.

    [12 Dec 2003 | 06:09pm | recap for non-friends]
    all previous entries have been made friends-only (for reasons that would probably only make sense in my twisted head, so i'll spare you the details). however, future entries will be both friends-only AND public. as per usual, the juicy stuff will be under lock and key and the non-juicy stuff will be ALL ACCESS, 24-7. if you want in on the good stuff (and who doesn't?), you know the drill.

    ps. public blog archives can be found here.
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    [16 Nov 2003 | 07:01pm]
    oh me and my effing drunk telling of nonsensical stories. sometimes i forget to preface them with "last night i dreamt that..." and within minutes i have every random party crasher asking me if i'm really quitting my job as a [vegan] pornstar to become an undercover fbi agent named lola. or was it the other way around..?

    but yes. it's true. beer makes me funny and forgetful, but too much stoli makes me the topic of everybody's point-and-whispers. it can't be ALL bad, though, 'cause the following morning when i woke up, lola had four "wanna get together?" messages on my voicemail.

    apparently she made quite an impression.

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