lola (dragstripgirl) wrote,

nothing changes - '04 styleeee

all i really wanted to do last night was lounge around in something comfy while sipping something yummy. nerd city, new years eve style, yanno? but being the super-trooper girlfriend that i am, i got all gussied up (in clothes) and made the 27384729 hour treck out to brooklyn, all in the name of good friends and free booze. it all worked out for the best, tho, 'cause he got to reconnect with some long lost buddies, and i got to re-connect with my non-existent irish heritage. the night ended, as it should, with me smearing my lipstick all over his face. oh yah, and i threw in a couple of sloppy kisses for good measure, too...

the highlight of the whole thing, however, was waking up this morning and realizing that for the first time in html-recorded history, i wasn't "that girl" who fell down the stairs and landed on her face while trying to make a glamorous exit. OH HELL YEAH. score one for crashing at the party rather than crashing down the front steps.

boom swagger BOOM.
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