lola (dragstripgirl) wrote,

somehow i found myself in boston doing bodyshots with the same person i had officially kissed goodbye just a week earlier. i thought he was out of my life for good (two months!)... but when you suddenly find yourself armed with a few days off from work and a full tank of gas, it's so easy to check out of reality and in to the seaport hotel ('cause hello? have you seen this place??)

we spent the night causing trouble with the best of 'em.. and walking over the charles river bridge at midnight officially became a tradition.. but the best part of the night was getting to swagger back to our hotel room. our. hotel. room. what? i've watched the sun rise over boston from the windows of youth hostels, attic apartments, and even the Y, but never anywhere with.. carpeting. owow!

oversized bath towels and individualized climate control aside, we kept things as rocknroll as possible by stumbling in WAY past curfew (the seaport lobby is no boomtown at 3am), raiding the mini bar, and destroying everything in our path - furniture included. eventually the better-than-silk sheets beckoned us, and we made the pilgrimage to bed. hardcore snuggle action? check. oh the life of a rockstar.

ya know how saying goodbye is never easy the first time around? well, the second time... fuhgetaboutit. holy effing hell. holy effing sadness. holy effing hole in my favorite shirt (how'd THAT happen?). it's now up to the rest of you jersey kids to make this summer as chill as last summer (car club boys with sweet, sweet rides.. this means you). i have no plans for the next 2 months. anyone up for a road trip?
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