lola (dragstripgirl) wrote,

so everything i've been writing lately has been friends-only (livejournal-style), because... well, because it has to be. it's been a waytooeventful past few months to relive detail by detail, and i wouldn't have said this 2 months ago, but i think the good just may end up outweighing the bad when all is said and done (if i get my way...). i owe this all to a select few. so, thank you:

  • tony for the love and dunkin donuts.
  • mike for the same. and more.
  • mary for not letting me skinny dip with the wrong people more than once.
  • cisco for giving me a reason to hope and a person to practice my technique on.
  • courtney for being the long lost twin i always knew i had.
  • chris for giving me a second home before i ever even knew i wanted one.
  • howie for all the phone calls at 3am (sent: 38, received: 42).
  • nick for keeping colorado warm while it waits for me.
  • everyone who let me sleep in their bed (or car, or arms).
  • everyone who put their mouth on mine and meant it.
  • everyone who made me laugh til i cried. or fought back.
  • everyone who made me smile even when i didn't want to.

    that said, the summer is now over because i turned on the heat in my car last night. BUT! my birthday is in a few days, my halloween costume is in the mail, and the cramps (the cramps!) are next month. so, here we go again. who's sticking around for round two?
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