lola (dragstripgirl) wrote,

i'm gonna do my hair, my nails, and my laundry, and when i'm done you're gonna WISH you were me. why? 'cause at that point i'll be <--THIS--> much closer to a night of dive bar fun. outdated (thankgod) jukeboxes, budget-friendly beer, free pool, and enough neon to ALMOST make me think i'm at some snobby hipster lounge. the only catch: instead of dirty martinis, the bartender will be servin' up dirty pitchers. and instead of swapping swizzle sticks (i'll trade you 2 pink flamingos for a monkey in a fez), we'll be fighting over the last plastic cup. you just can't experience that kind of bonding at the local college hangout. no way.

wait... no martinis? no colorful "ooh that looks pretty" drink menus?? i cry for my loss! oh who am i kidding. after a few hours it all tastes the same anyway. and besides, how could you NOT get excited over the endless possibilities of "bottomless beer pitcher" night? spending a couple of hours in close quarters with that much boozin' drowning our systems is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. the great tasting, "breakin' all the rules but not the law" kind of disaster, of course.
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