lola (dragstripgirl) wrote,

private or not

my drunken mind last night (details coming soon) did me totally wrong and started remembering things i had wanted to forget. i tried so hard to disconnect myself from every last unresolved issue i had with you, but as we drove past ruby tuesday's, all i could think about was the first time we ate there and how girlishly giddy i felt about how perfectly we meshed. remember all those expectations? remember how many heads we turned?

when i got home last night, i checked my site stats hoping that i'd see your cleverishly named IP address somewhere amongst the recent visitors. i thought that maybe you were remembering things too, and were checking up on me via the only means you're able allowed to. i didn't see you there, but so what, right? that doesn't mean that you've forgotten, right?

my sober mind this morning did me wrong once again and started thinking about how stupid it was to believe you still come here. instead, i'm [more realistically] hoping that you still remember my name just in case we ever bump into each other again. if i spot you across the bar somewhere and give you "that look" that you loved will you smile and come say hello? or will you sit still and stare at me the way you did that last night when your girlfriend was telling you to let go (of more then just my hand)?
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It's true, the American dream is the whole worlds' nightmare! Eek!
b.t.w. my email is
Love can be so cruel. Sometimes it can be hard to let go and other times it just lingers. I added you to my friends list (I hope you don't mind), I remember I was one of your sibling sites. Take Care.
added ya back :]



February 1 2004, 13:59:02 UTC 14 years ago

i'm the guy from myspace that likes willy wonka and the chocolate factory. i just read this and that was quite an entry you wrote there. whew! i want to go out and cut my penis off now. eegads! men can really suck sometimes, ya know? but trust me, women have hurt me far worse than you can even imagine. so no gender biased comments, we're just lookin' at people here. and i guess he's not the best person in the world. i'm sorry that you had to go through that. that's just life, you learn from horrible mistakesm and move on. i know it's tough and cliche'd to say that, but it's true. time heals all wounds. don't worry, you'll be fine.

thanks dude, but it's all good. he's a friend and nothing more, and its always been that way. i guess my wording made it sound kinda scandalous, huh?

wonkavision represent.