lola (dragstripgirl) wrote,

here's what i just did: i copied and pasted the same journal entry into my LJ no less than 11 times because it wasn't showing up in my journal after i "successfully" posted it each time. i even tested it on my other computer (cache problem maybe?) and still nothing.

here's why i am stupid: the date on my computer was somehow (oops) set to 2/3/02, so the entries (which i, coincidentally, backdated) WERE showing up... i just had to rewind 2 years back to find them.

and here's why i reign supreme in the land of the dumb: when i tried to reset the date back to this year, i couldn't remember if it was 03 or 04. "no way, it can't be 04 already, can it?? ... oh it is? oh right." duh.

no more messing with my computer date so as to trick the virus-scan liveupdater into thinking that it's still 2002 and that my free subscription is still valid. and if i DO happen to change the date again (for whatever non-cheating and perfectly legal reason), i have to remember to change it back when i'm done. and consult a calendar before i do so.

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