lola (dragstripgirl) wrote,

your cellphone and i collide

i can sum up my entire weekend with 6 short words (and 1 mugshot): "that was probably wrong of me."

don't worry howie, you're still one of my two favorite boys (but just.. next time, you can't use my cell phone, ok?).
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Lola...I'm so glad I have you to live vicariously through.
lola.. heh. lola can't come out to play tonight. nope.. jen's playing the game of life SOBER tonight.

and speaking of living vicariously, how about showing that there LJ of yours some love? i'd love to have an actual REASON to refresh my friends page every 15 minutes.


March 28 2004, 19:23:12 UTC 14 years ago

number 2 ain't so bad you know. and ps i'm not talking about shit (number 2).


you make me laugh.
i just wish you weren't such a MANWHORE.

"hey baby wanna come for a ride on my tourbus?"
"um.. no.."


March 29 2004, 14:50:28 UTC 14 years ago

Did you see fark?
fo' shizzo.

craaaazy huh?


March 29 2004, 16:26:10 UTC 14 years ago

Did you know a song was written about it? HAHAHA

Your Phone And I Collide - by Howie (sort of)

Your phone is breaking
The signal still going through
You're locked in a bathroom
And I won't open the door for you

I tried, you refused
When I followed you into the restroom
I'm not worried, I doubt I'll see your face
Ever again

Even the best fall down sometimes
That was probably wrong of me
Until jail no doubts filled my mind
You dial 911, and your phone and I collide

I'm horny, you know
You made a great impression
I thought I'd get a blow
Maybe the Pabst affected my mind

Herpes can get you down sometimes
Makin' it hard for me to shine
Trapped in the back you hope help comes in time
You call the police, and your phone and I collide

You say 'stop'
I lose my pace
I close the door behind

If you didn't come to fuck, then leave
But please don't violate me
I didn't know you went in there to pee
You diss me, and your phone and I collide

When you dial you find
Your phone and I collide
Later the police verify
Your phone and I collide

best part:
Even the best fall down sometimes
That was probably wrong of me
Until jail, no doubts filled my mind
You dial 911, and your phone and I collide

"that was probably wrong of me" is quickly becoming my favorite quote of all time. followed closely by "then leave" and "i felt violated" of course.

i love howie.
I’m sure most of you by now have heard about my arrest in Madison on Wednesday night. I’d like to apologize to everyone involved in this unfortunate incident.

Basically, a few people were on my tour bus after the show and things got a little out of hand, stupid things were said, feelings were hurt, and a cell phone was damaged. The police were called. Ultimately I was charged with disorderly conduct and damage to property. My lawyer tells me I will be given an opportunity to address these claims at the proper time, and of course I will do so. In any event, I deeply regret anything I said that offended anyone and, of course, I fully intend to pay for the broken phone.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, some wildly inaccurate and sensational stories seem to be circulating. I can assure you that there was never any improper physical contact, nor has any ever been alleged by anyone involved, and nobody was “Locked away in a bathroom”.

I want to apologize to my fans who were bewildered by this whole thing. Most of all, I REALLY am truly sorry to everyone involved in this incident.
Endless apologies.

yeah, i read that. i was like woah good job on making it sound OFFICIAL...

but of course all the "fans" are saying its a bunch of bs and that it's nothing but a PR move to of course deny basically everything. poor howie can't win. but then again it's not so easy to 'make nice' after being accused of something so crazily inappropriate...


April 13 2004, 16:31:41 UTC 14 years ago

JENNNNN. who`s howie and why was he arrested?

howie is a boy with a guitar. he was arrested because some groupies are really dumb.♥


May 4 2004, 14:44:41 UTC 13 years ago

i can't believe this is actually possible, but howie looks so bad in that mugshot/picture. c'mon jen, do the boy some justice and show the world how bee-u-tee-ful he is. ;)