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[01 Oct 2003 | 02:50pm]
all summer long i wanted to be out in the sun, drinking mai tais by the pool with the boys and waiting for the sun to set so the day could finally really begin. we would cover our tracks with the darkness of night and blame our mistakes on the whiskey-laced everything that filled our waterbottles; and in the morning as the rising sun blinded us on the way to work once again, we would be able to rest easy with the assurance that a million more warm summer nights still lie ahead.

all summer long i waited in anticipation of "after work" or "tomorrow night" or "this weekend." i was never let down. yah there were close calls and i had to stop and remind myself to slow down a few times, but i wouldn't have had it any other way.

i wore a jacket for the first time this morning and i just lit the candy corn scented candle i have been saving all summer for fall. it smells super mouth-wateringly yummy, but part of me kinda wishes it was still "coconut-lime breeze" or "tropical vanilla" that was setting the mood.

i have a take home essay question quiz due tomorrow, a 6 day work-week lies ahead, and the post office closes in 2 hours. all i want to do right now is write. like clockwork. you have to completely overwhelm me with "grown up responsibilities" if you wanna get anything F-U-N outta me. procrastination. welcome back.

(so i suddenly found the inspiration to do something with this piece, but of course i don't have the time to get all crazy like i wanted to. oh whut.)

[03 Jul 2003 | 04:50pm]
32 emails asking about the strippers (and still counting). you guys are so jealous.

the party was totally rock em sock em. but the strippers... waaay overrated. any good party has rooms full of drunk girls having more "fun" than these chicks were up for. the boys got about an hour or so out of them before they got bored with the "well for another buck-fifty.." reply that met their every request. it didn't take long for the fully stocked fridge to get the best of them and by 11:30 they had already run off to play beer games. yah, for serious. they totally jumped ship, leaving US to watch the booty. and since there's only one respectable way for a group of girls to handle being stuck in a basement with 2 strippers who are paid up for another hour, we didn't have to think twice about our next plan of action. stripping lessons for everyone. oh hell yeah.

the rest of the night went down like i always imagined my bachelorette party would... boys upstairs with beer and poker chips, girls downstairs with vodka, frilly underthings, and porn-esque music. a lot of the details are fuzzy, but what matters is that we all emerged from the chaos unscathed. and aside from my newly acquired 'secret weapon style' special moves (and kung-fu grip), the only incriminating evidence we have from that night is the picture we got of johnny and tony's sweet/fine asses when the guys wised up and crashed our basement party (arriving slightly over-dressed). i could have left that part out so as not to get overly graphic, but have you SEEN. THOSE. ASSES. whoa.

(ps. text message replies are here. keep 'em coming.)

[09 Jun 2003 | 03:51pm]
i just went to target for new socks and candy (does the fun ever end?) and the guy behind me in line asked if he could pay for it. score!

so while i was driving home all by myself with a bag of free lollipops and no one to give the icky ones to, i came to a conclusion. i need to stop meeting people with controlling girlfriends girlfriends period. my former "most favorite drinking buddy ever" has stooped so low that he only calls me from his friends' cellphones so that his girl doesn't know he's been speaking to me. ((if you stop reading and listen real hard you can almost hear the cracking of the whip)). and if that wasn't bad enough, my new "lets skip school and go drink at the beach" buddy is only allowed to see me when we keep it on the DL (yo) because i'm a chick and gawd forbid he down a few beers in the company of boobs. ((didja hear it that time?)). boys... hey guess what? STOP BEING GIRLY AND LAME. you're no fun that way. and girls... I DON'T WANT A PIECE. calm down and let me get your man drunk. i'll get him home safe, i promise.

(but in all seriousness, can i have my friends back please?)

and speaking of boys, girls, and booze... in a few nights, under the cover of moonlight and suspicious looking trench coats, strippers will invade my house. why? boobs. plus what's a quiet night at home without a few friends coming over to blow their money on something they probably coulda seen for free if they weren't so overly tempted by the idea of a sure thing? if you want the whutwhut on the festivities, call my cell. girly-men in need of a refresher course in all things macho and manly, this means you.

[03 Jun 2003 | 02:28pm]
so remember what i was saying about letting time slip through my fingers? well i spent the majority of this weekend wishing my hands weren't so dern slippery lately. you want details? ok check this out..

friday night i stood up my boyfriend. lunch with a buddy from work turned into afternoon drinks, which turned into evening drinks, which turned into "oops i was supposed to meet mike for dinner at 8, how did it get so late?" drinks. when i finally bust thru the front door of my boy's house (wearing my best sweetiepie-innocent face and armed with a mouthful of kisses) there was a little swagger in my step if you know what i'm talking about. so not only was i over an hour late but i was also riding solo on the redeye to drunksville. talk about guilty on all accounts. after a little 'splaining and a cameo appearance by our best friend jack, it was out with the plans for dinner, and in with the drunken debauchery. nothin' like a little whiskey-laced wrestling to make the forgiveness flow like wine.

saturday night was all about redemption. i got dressed up all girly-like, ironed the boy's best lookin' duds, and surprised him with a detour into the city so we could strut our (hottt) stuff at his favorite jazz clubs. for 6 hours we rocked our way around town... committing beer crimes, getting the bum rush, and leaving behind a trail of broken bottles and broken hearts (back off, he's stuck on me ok?). around 3am we finally settled down in a dive that felt like home.. a place where we could dance/stumble around under a cheesy 15-watt starry sky and buy virgin rounds for the too-hip hep cats who were shouting the word "lovebirds" to us like a dirty name. it wasn't until the sun started to come up that once again i found the clock laughing in my face. an hour to sober up with diner coffee, an hour to drive home, and another hour to shower/change and i found myself walking into work, alone and defeated.

so this whole weekend has got me thinking. maybe one of these days i'll buy myself a watch (or an ounce of self-discipline spiked with good old fashioned sobriety) and try my hand at the "being a responsible adult" thing i keep hearing so much about.


[27 May 2003 | 11:04pm]
it was about to get real deep in here but then i realized that that's what this is for.

so yeah. the short version: i'm really super friggin' proud of myself cause i came to a lot of (completely sober) realizations this weekend. the gist of it is this. my least favorite word is never, my two best friends are maybe and what-if, and any plans not including good company are kind of a waste of time.

(are you still reading this?)

it's so hard to explain why i prefer spending my evenings walking around holding his hand and talking excitedly about nothing. ever sit on the edge of a run-down pier with someone and trade stories until the sun comes up? ever have a hard time saying goodbye cause when you look into their eyes you see hundreds of secrets left waiting to be uncovered? i think this is what it's supposed to be like. no relationship boundaries to respect, no impossible expectations to exceed, no awkward silence sitting between us like an uninvited guest. just a flickering street lamp, our whiskey-inspired thoughts, and that oh-so-familiar realization that somehow yet another night has managed to slip thru our fingers.

whoa man whoa. and it gets even more personal (and skippy and unfocused) in here. you know what though? this introspective, philosophical me is such a sham. next weekend i promise to do less thinking and more wreaking of the drunken, unruly havoc. anyone up for some dive-bar fun?

[20 May 2003 | 01:25pm]
talk about lame... when did i become that girl who sits at home and waits for boys to call? i'll tell ya when. last night when my car decided that it wanted new brakes. no brakes = no car = no going anywhere without a chauffeur. any takers? the only stipulation is that tonight i have to be home by 9 (and if ya don't know why, you obviously haven't been paying attention).

act now, this offer is only good for another 24 hours or so.

[19 May 2003 | 12:46pm | 6 times in one day]
hi. if you're looking for all the super top-secret crush info (nevermind, i'm giving up on that) or the details surrounding the crazy, alcohol-induced antics of last night, here's a hint. almost everything in here is friends-only. want in on the action? be a pal and add yourself to the list.
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[16 May 2003 | 01:41pm]
today's breakfast of choice: total exhaustion with a side of hangover. remember when everything i wrote was colored by blue martinis and white russians? remember when i could match any boy at the bar drink for drink (and sneer for sneer)?


maybe its because i've been drowning myself in wimpy girlie drinks lately (what's it to ya?). or maybe its because i had an empty stomach and a frozen margarita head-start. either way, i left the bar last night wondering when the heck i became a 2-drink drunk.

my head is still doing the hurt hut hurt thanks to that last one (aka the second one... yeah shaddup). eclipse? missed it. romantic plans for the evening? forgot all about 'em. no worries tho. i was too busy laying sloppy kisses on someone's cheek to even notice. now that's romance.

tonight i'm gonna take full advantage of being "the bartender's girl" and show my liver (and watered-down tolerance) what's what. doom.

[24 Apr 2003 | 04:45pm]
tuesdays are the worst day of the week for me. work, homework, school, and then the mad dash to get home in time to watch my boyfriend save the world... it's almost too much for my super lazy super laid-back self to handle. so listen up jerks. if you're gonna pick a day to break into my car and kill my battery, don't make it on a tuesday, ok?

i hope you're at least getting more joy from those repair shop receipts than i ever did. (yah, they stole my receipts. big time thieves? fo sho.)

so anyway, with a dead car, an empty glove compartment, and a test in 20 minutes, what's a gal to do? easy answer. bust out the cell phone and play a little game of 'may he with the fastest car win.' the winner in this case: yours truly. not only did i show up to class in a stylin' ragtop chevelle 10 minutes early (fastest car wins, remember?), but i also had the most awesome sob story to tell to my favorite pompadour-sportin', free-drink-givin' bartender later that night. an unending supply of martinis to drown my sorrows? score.

[28 Mar 2003 | 02:27pm]
its been so long since i've uploaded anything that i've forgotten my ftp password. it's true.

all it takes is one afternoon of above-50 temperatures to get me all excited for summer. it's amazing how a little sunshine and a car that's so warm inside ya hafta open the windows to breathe can color your days into something totally new. i start thinking about italian ice and ocean air and car shows and tans (on him, not me - i only come in 2 shades: white and red). suddenly it all ain't that bad.

i'm a sucker for cool afternoon breezes and a pretty sunset. tonight, after we drop everything important, i'm taking him with me to the waterfront so we can climb on the rocks. priorities, yanno?

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