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dragstripgirl's Journal

26 September
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forensic science and sociology student who loves rocknroll, muscle cars, horror movies, ruffle-butt panties, & cheesecake.

ps: all the good stuff is hidden in super top secret friends-only entries. want in on the action? you know the drill.
24, adult swim, agnostic front, all out war, atreyu, b movies, beach towns, bellvue, black and white movies, blues, bright eyes, brooklyn, car shows, cheesecake, chevelles, cinnamon, cky, classic cars, clubs, cocktail lounges, coheed and cambria, cruise nights, cryptkeeper five, cuddling, darkness, david lynch, dgeneration, diesel, diners, dracula, drag racing, drive-in theaters, el caminos, elco, electric hellfire club, elvis, ensign, fast cars, flame jobs, forensics, full moons, futurama, girly drinks, gore, greaser boys, guitars, h.i.m., h.r. giger, halloween, hardcore, hatebreed, him, hitchcock, hockey, horror films, horror movies, horror punk, hot rods, howie day, indie, industrial, italian boys, jersey shore, jesse malin, lifehouse, living dead dolls, long kisses, mad sin, mai tais, making out, martinis, monsters, moonlit skies, movies, mulholland drive, murder city devils, muscle cars, mutton chops, mxc, natalie wood, nekromantix, neon lights, nyc, old scifi movies, olivia deberardinis, photography, pinup art, pinups, pompadours, pretty boys, psychobilly, psychology, punk, radiohead, red nails, retro stuff, reverend horton heat, road trips, rock n roll, rockabilly, rocket from the crypt, ron and fez, ruffle butt panties, sarcasm, serial killers, sick of it all, sideburns, six string samurai, sleaze, snowboarding, social distortion, soulxchange, switchblade symphony, tattoos, the 50's, the brickbats, the brimstones, the bruisers, the chop tops, the cramps, the cryptkeeper five, the faint, the golden girls, the misfits, the ocean, tiger army, traditional tattoos, trance, trashy lingerie, troma films, turbonegro, underwear, vampira, vargas, vegetarianism, vinyl, vnv nation, vonnegut, web design, weird nj, whiskey, world/inferno friendship society, zombies